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    2020 was a year unlike any other. Companies and businesses of all sizes and governments new and old had to change across all facets, and technology helped manage these changes. Whether it was Blackboard, Zoom, Netflix, or any number of other tools, we relied on technology to help prepare meals, teach our children, collaborate with coworkers, and even entertain ourselves after yet another day at home. Rather than slow us down, 2020 accelerated our shift to a digital world, and I anticipate we won’t go back any time soon. Thanks to this acceleration, from my vantage point, 2021 will be a launchpad for all kinds of change. Here are some of the areas that will be driving it.
    1. Cloud will be everywhere
    The days of cloud capabilities being centralized in data centers are fast fading. Today, cloud-based applications can help boost the performance of ships at sea, aircraft traversing the sky, and in our cars and homes. Access to the cloud’s compute and storage is also reaching farther—from rural communities and remote wildernesses to near-earth orbit. Practically speaking, the cloud is accessible nearly everywhere—and it’s not just reach that matters, it’s the speed of the connections. For example, 5G extends to the edge of the networks and enables real computational work to be done.
    This matters because tasks can now start to happen where results are needed most. For example, driverless cars become real, you can have more natural conversations with services like Alexa, and factories, homes, and office spaces become increasingly efficient and resilient. And if gaming is your thing, you’ll no longer need to worry about lag hampering your experience and your skills will be at full strength, wherever you are.
    2. The internet of machine learning
    We generate more data in one hour than was created in the entirety of 2000—and more data will be created in the next three years than was created over the past 30. In 2020, whether you’re a data scientist or not, we got a glimpse of this growing data curve as scientific researchers, pharmaceutical companies, governments, and healthcare institutes turned every resource toward developing vaccines, novel treatments, and other means to help the world’s population remain healthy during the pandemic. These efforts required generating and processing vast amounts of data. The only realistic way to handle all the information is to use ingestion and aggregation tools, married to machine learning (ML) models, to help make sense of it. It’s no wonder that ML went mainstream this year.
    In 2021, we’ll see accelerated adoption of ML models across industries and government. In manufacturing, ML will be embedded on production lines, able to spot production anomalies in real-time. In agriculture, ML models will help farmers intelligently manage precious resources, such as soil and water. For parts of the world where small-holder farmers are the majority—for example, across Southeast Asia and Africa—pushing ML models into new applications and collecting data closer to the edge will be revolutionary in helping increase crop yields and find the best price for their effort.
    我們在一小時內生成的數據要比2000年全年創建的數據更多-未來三年將創建的數據要比過去30年來創建的數據更多。到2020年,無論您是不是數據科學家,我們都可以科學研究人員,制藥公司,政府和醫療機構將每種資源都轉向開發疫苗,新穎療法和其他手段來幫助大流行期間世界人民保持健康的過程中,這一數據曲線一瞥。這些工作需要生成和處理大量數據。處理所有信息的唯 一現實方法是使用與機器學習(ML)模型結合使用的提取和匯總工具來幫助理解這些信息。難怪ML今年成為主流。
    3. In 2021, pictures, video, and audio will speak more than words
    A few years ago, I talked about the death of the keyboard due to the rapid growth of voice-activated computing and the rise of user interfaces that allow humans to communicate with machines—and with each other—more naturally. In the months and years ahead, I predict that keyboards will continue to phase out in an evolved way.
    In the past year—as we all entered the depths of lock down—we increasingly communicated via audio, video, and images. As a result, the amount of text we consume on our screens is being reduced as we make more use of multimedia to communicate. Companies that want to remain relevant to their customers need to be keenly aware of these changing habits—rather than expecting customers to interact with their products and services through a keyboard, mouse, or other mechanical ways. When it comes to building relationships and transacting with a brand, customers want to do what’s natural to them. Thus, companies should explore this move towards user interfaces like voice, and other forms of audio and video.

    4. Technology will transform our physical worlds as much as our digital worlds
    In 2020 we were introduced to social distancing. As we spaced ourselves out, we had the chance to take stock and rethink how our cities live, breathe, and flow. Many of the places we live and work have been built on decades-old assumptions (or centuries-old, depending on where you live) that don’t hold up anymore—or at the very least, don’t perform well in a pandemic.
    With the help of advanced data analytics, we’ll start to figure out how to design our cities with the advantages of social distancing without the sense of being apart. Our planning will consider how we make our communities healthier and safer, rather than merely denser and more efficient. It’s the true convergence of the digital and the physical.

    5. Remote learning earns its place in education
    Recently, I spoke with high school students in Warsaw, Poland, who use the online learning service Brainly to keep up with their schoolwork and help each other in class. Tools like Brainly have exploded as parents support their kids’ learning in this new remote education reality.
    Technology, and access to it, has played a huge role in children’s education during this pandemic. In 2021, we’ll prove that remote learning can work—and may be a better option for some—and can have a positive and more persistent role in education. We don’t need a global health crisis for online classes to make sense. Having remote schooling (and working) options widely available at any time means that kids can stay home when they’re sick without falling behind. Or what if there’s no school to go to at all? If there’s an internet connection, there’s the possibility for some type of education.
    No question, I think we should send our kids back to classrooms. But there will be other interruptions. Remote classrooms give school systems the flexibility to respond to unforeseen events—whether pandemics, natural disasters, or man-made calamities—to continue student education.
    近來,我與波蘭華沙的高中生進行了交談,他們使用在線學習服務Brainly來保持他們的學業并在課堂上互相幫助。隨著父母在這種新的遠程教育現實中支持孩子的學習,諸如Brainly之類的工具已經爆 炸式增長。

    6. Small businesses will race to the cloud, and Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa will lead the way
    In a massive shift, small businesses will begin to make use of advanced cloud technology to reach their customers. We’ll see an explosion of higher-level technologies and service providers that cater to these small businesses. In turn, this will help small business do everything—from spinning up a chatbot to help answer frequently asked questions, to getting a customer relationship management system in place and running within minutes. Small businesses get the benefits of sophisticated architectures and applications without having to invest the time and expense of building it themselves.
    The “cloud everywhere” trend described above is enabling this shift alongside the experience that most small businesses faced this past year. In many cases, the difference between surviving—or not—was an ability to leverage technology. Only 47% of small and medium businesses in the U.S. have their own website. Expect this number to grow in 2021. As this trend expands globally, we should look to nations in Southeast Asia—like Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Africa, like Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa—to lead the way.
    在一個巨大的轉變中,小型企業將開始利用******的云技術來吸引客戶。我們將看到迎合這些小型企業的******技術和服務提供商的爆 炸式增長。反過來,這將幫助小型企業做所有事情-從創建聊天機器人以幫助回答常見問題,到建立客戶關系管理系統并在幾分鐘之內運行。小型企業無需復雜的架構和應用程序即可受益,而無需花費時間和******自行構建。

    7. Quantum computing starts to bloom
    We’ve seen time and again, if you can democratize the most advanced, complex technology and make it affordable, available, and understandable to as many people as possible, great things happen. At re:Invent 2019 we announced Amazon Braket, a fully-managed quantum computing service that helps researchers and developers get started with the technology to accelerate research and discovery. And in 2020 we made it available to everyone.
    There’s no question we’re at the early stages of this mind-bending approach to computing, but that’s the point of Braket. It’s especially important in this exploratory time that we let as many people as possible get their hands dirty and their brains wrapped around quantum computing. As companies and institutions begin to experiment with quantum for the first time—and as that expertise starts to move beyond the academic world—we’ll see business plans and the early seeds of products and services that center around a quantum future.
    我們一次又一次地看到,如果您可以使zui******,zui復雜的技術民主化,并使之能夠負擔得起,盡可能多地被人們理解,那么偉大的事情***會發生。在re:Invent 2019上,我們發布了Amazon Braket,這是一種******托管的量子計算服務,可幫助研究人員和開發人員開始使用該技術來加速研究和發現。到2020年,我們將其提供給所有人。
    毫無疑問,我們正處于這種令人費解的計算方法的早期階段,但這***是Braket的******。在這個探索性的時代中,特別重要的是,我們要讓盡可能多的人弄臟雙手,讓大腦纏住量子計算。隨著公司和機構第 一次開始嘗試量子技術,并且隨著專業知識開始超越學術領域,我們將看到圍繞量子未來的商業計劃以及產品和服務的早期種子。

    8. The final frontier...
    For technology to help everyone around the world live a better life, we shouldn’t go out and around the world as much as we should go up and above it.
    In 2019, we launched a service called AWS Ground Station. It enables the ability to control satellite communications, process data, and scale operations without having to worry about building or managing a ground station infrastructure. We’re already seeing the ability to access and process satellite data helping researchers track glacial recession, maritime agencies protect vulnerable marine reserves, and agronomists better predict food supply. Startups are looking to establish a new breed of fast, secure networks in outer space. By making access to space affordable and accessible to every developer, I’m looking forward to seeing the innovations that come back down to earth and help us grow and prosper
    在2019年,我們推出了一項名為AWS Ground Station的服務。它具有控制衛星通信,處理數據和擴展操作的能力,而不必擔心建立或管理地面站基礎設施。我們已經看到了訪問和處理衛星數據的能力,這些能力可以幫助研究人員追蹤冰川的衰退,海事機構保護脆弱的海洋保護區以及農學家可以更好地預測糧食供應。初創企業希望在太空中建立一種新型的快速,安全的網絡。通過使每位開發人員都能負擔得起并獲得******合理的空間使用權,我期待看到扎根于地面的創新技術,并幫助我們成長和繁榮。


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